7) 8) 9) 10) Thou Mighty God

7) Coranto

8) Part 1: Thou Mighty God
Thou mightie God, that rightest euery wrong,
Listen to patience in a dying song.
When Iob had lost his Children, Lands and goods,
Patience asswaged his excessiue paine,
And when his sorrowes came as fast as flouds,
Hope kept his heart till comfort came againe.

9) Part 2: When David’s Life
When Dauids life by Saul was often sought,
And worlds of woes did compasse him about,
On dire reuenge he neuer had a thought,
But in his griefes, Hope still did help him out.

10) Part 3: When the Poor Cripple
When the poore Cripple by the Poole did lye,
Full many yeeres in misery and paine,
No sooner hee on Christ had set his eye,
But hee was well, and comfort came againe,
No Dauid, Iob, nor Criple in more griefe,
Christ giue mee patience, and my Hopes reliefe.

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