9) Tant Que Vivray

Tant que vivray en aage florissant, As long as I live in flourishing youth,
Je serviray d’amour le dieu puissant, I shall serve the mighty king of love,
En faict, et dictz, en chansons, et accords. In deeds, in words, in songs, in harmonies.
Par plusieurs jours m’a tenu languissant, Many a time he left me languishing,
Mais apres dueil m’a faict resjouyssant, But afterwards made me rejoice,
Car j’ay l’amour de la belle au gent corps. For I have the love of the shapely beauty.
Son alliance Her alliance
Est ma fiance: Is pledged to me,
Son coeur est mien, Her heart is mine,
Le mien est sien: Mine is hers,
Fy de tristesse, Fie on sadness,
Vive lyesse, Long live happiness,
Puisqu’en amours a tant de bien. For in love there is so much good.
Quand je la veulx servir, et honnorer, When I wish to serve and to honor her,
Quand par escriptz veulx son nom decorer, When with verses I wish to decorate her name,
Quand je la voy, et visite souvent, When I see her and visit her often,
Les envieulx n’en font que murmurer, The envious ones do nothing but complain;
Mais nostre amour n’en sçauroit moins durer: But our love will endure nonetheless;
Aultant ou plus en emporte le vent. That, and more, is for the wind to blow away.
Maulgré envie Despite envy
Toute ma vie All my life
Je l’aymeray, I shall love her,
Et chanteray: And I shall sing:
C’est la premiere, She is the first,
C’est la derniere, She is the last,
Que j’ay servie, et serviray Whom I have served and will ever serve.

SONG CREDIT: Clément Marot