3) Lors Que Tes Beaux Yeux Mignonne

Lors que tes beaux yeux mignonne, When from your beautiful eyes, darling,
J’abandonne, I take leave,
Tu me croys mort de douleur; You believe me to be dead with pain;
Mais je ne porte la rage But I only express my torment
Qu’au visage, On my face,
Sans qu’elle me touche au coeur. Without it affecting my heart.
Je feins de gémir en peine I pretend to groan in pain
Sous la gesne Under the discomfort
D’une dure affliction, Of a severe affliction,
Tandis que mon coeur folastre While my sprightly heart
S’opiniatre Stubbornly chooses
A vivre sans passion. To live without passion.
Si tout gay je me retire, If very happily I take my leave of you
Tu vas dire You will say
Que je ne t’ayme qu’un peu, That I only love you a little,
Pourtant faut-il que l’oeil pleure However, is it necessary that the eye cry
Qui t’asseure In order to assure you
Combien je couve de feu? How much fire smoulders in my heart?
Je t’ayme d’une amour forte I love you with a strong love
Mais de sorte But of the kind
Que je m’ayme le premier; That I love myself first;
Si ton amour ne subsiste If your love can only thrive
Qu’estant triste, By my being sad,
Je ne t’en veux plus prier. I don’t want to beg for it anymore.